NATAL's services for Israeli victims from terror and war
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NATAL: The Israeli Trauma center for victims of terror and war

A short film about NATAL's services

NATAL operates a Hot Line for immediate treatment by telephone and/or Internet and provides individual, couple and familial therapy, as well as group and social care through the Social Rehabilitation Club.
The process of intake and treatment begins with an initial evaluation that includes questionnaires for checking the patient's condition. If the decision is made that treatment is necessary, the clinical manager will decide what type of treatment is appropriate for the particular person and identity the appropriate caregiver. In practice, treatment takes place either in NATAL's clinic or in another location, closer to the patient's home. In most cases, treatment at NATAL combines advanced techniques for dealing with the patient's current trauma or loss, while also relating to experiences of trauma and loss, in his past and during various development stages. As trauma and loss are also expressed through the body, NATAL offers patients with physical therapy, using a method called Safe Touch Therapy.


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