AFN- American Friends of Natal
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American Friends of NATAL

The American Friends of NATAL supports the innovative multidisciplinary treatment approach of NATAL, Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War.


The AFN is a 501c3 organization under US tax law meaning your gifts are tax-deductible. 

AFN Board 

President: Walter Weiner
Chairman:  David Kostman
Secretary: Ariel Recanati 
Treasurer: Esti Cohen


Board Members:

Darel Manocherian Benaim

Dr. Dity Brunn

Jeremy Chwat

Linda Frieze

Naomi Kayne, PhD

Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk
Nina Rosenwald

Rony Tzarom

Adam Weiner

Lior Yahalomi

Toni Young 
Executive Director: Maya Tadmor-Anderman


Contacting the AFN:

AFN website:

To receive more information or to make a tax-deductible donation please contact: 


Maya Tadmor-Anderman (

American Friends of NATAL
1120 Avenue of the Americas, Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10036


or visit

Daronet Web Building