Variety of Tretaments
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Variety of Tretaments

Psychological treatment uses various psychological techniques that focus on clarifying emotional and mental difficulties and conflicts and reaching insights regarding the origins of the problems which the patient is experiencing. The purpose of this treatment is to relieve symptoms and change behavior, leading to improved personal, social and professional functioning as well as personal growth.

Individual Treatment

In individual treatment, the patient meets with a caregiver alone a regular basis, usually at least once a week. Together, they clarify the problems and difficulties that the patient is encountering and try to reach insights and solutions.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, a couple meets with the caregiver on a regular basis, at least once a week but unlike individual treatment, the "client" in this case is the couple's relationship and not either one of them, by him or herself. During couples treatment, the caregiver and couple make a joint effort to understand the source of the difficulties that the couple are facing within their relationship, with the goal of maintaining and strengthening the relationship.

Family Treatment

In family treatment, an attempt is made to identify thought, emotional and behavioral patterns that cause difficulties for the individual and for the entire family and try to help family members to change these patterns and habits. Treatment usually takes the form of a conversation that includes all members of the family, in which the system of relationships between the family members is examined in depth. Examining the interaction between members of the family in safe, therapeutic environment makes it possible to strengthen intra-family communications.

Group Treatment

In group treatment, the patient meets regularly with a group of people who are also dealing with individual difficulties and problems. Interaction between members of the group is a significant force in treatment of this type and is the main component of group treatment.


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