Privacy and responsibility policy
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Privacy and responsibility policy  - is an internet website for the public service. was established by NATAL which is centrally located in in Tel-Aviv. 10 Ibn-Gavirol St.


This website does not contain any kind of advertisement.


The content of this website was written to provide the general public with information about NATAL and does not include costs regarding the organization's services and activities. This website should not be used as a substitute for psychological intervention or any kind of treatment.  


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Privacy policy

NATAL's website system treats the privacy of its users with a great deal of respect. Contact information of users who join the email distribution list and/or send a question or a personal story are automatically saved in the website system and are not published or transferred to any other body.


Responsibility policy

NATAL does not guarantee or presume any legal responsibility to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information, products or process described in this website..  NATAL does not assume responsibility for website users or any decisions which were made or activities which were done, that rely on information from this website.    


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