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NATAL is an apolitical nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of war and terror related trauma. NATAL aims to advance the resiliency of Israeli society through treatment, prevention, public awareness and research.

Personal stories

“It was hard for me to return to myself after the war. I couldn’t understand how everyone just returned to normal as though nothing had happened. NATAL helped me to cope with what I had experienced, helping me to feel better one step at a time.”

“For years I lived with the pain of what I experienced until I saw NATAL’s ad and decided to call. From the first moment of contact you knew exactly how to help me. You know how to listen and helped me get the necessary treatment.”


“After the terror attack I felt extremely confused, shocked, scared and helpless. Calling the Helpline gave me support. You explained to me why I was reacting the way I was and were the only people I felt understood how I felt. Because of you I am on the path to healing.”


About us

Established in 1998, NATAL is an apolitical orgainzation that acts as a unique multidisciplinary trauma center aiming to treat those directly and indirectly affected by war and terror-related trauma in Israel. We aspire to lead the way in the field of trauma and to advance the resiliency of Israeli society through treatment, prevention, public awareness and research.



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NATAL is a nonprofit organization. 100% of donations go in support of direct services and programs.

International Programs and Trainings

NATAL's expertise is sought by worldwide agencies including veterans organizations, academic and research institutions, government bodies and municipalities, first response and mental health professionals. With 20 years of practical in-the-field experience, NATAL offers a variety of international trauma trainings and emergency preparedness programs to various communities and professional groups around the world. Learn more by clicking on the icons below.

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Intervention

Providing skills and tools in the leadership and management of emergencies and crises before, during, and after they occur.

Helping the Helpers

Trauma resiliency training for first response organizations, social workers, humanitarian aid and disaster relief professionals.

International Partnerships

Read about our past and current partnerships with organizations from around the world.


  • NATAL is honored to share that NATAL's Chairperson and Founder, Jude Yovel Recanati, and Executive Director, Orly Gal, took part in the 2019 IAC National Summit this past weekend in Miami! Jude was invited to participate in a very interesting panel discussing the role of philanthropy and elevating minority communities in Israel, including NATAL's special projects in strengthening the resiliency of Israeli minorities. It was an unforgettable and high-profile conference which brought together...
  • As we approach Thanksgiving, NATAL would like to share what we are especially thankful for - YOU! On Friday we held our 7th annual "Running in Color" event including over 5,000 participants! It would not have been possible without all of your support and contributions. We would like to thank all those who ran, participated, and embraced this colorful event as we raised awareness for terror and war-related trauma in Israel. We would like to share our gratitude for the hundreds of volunteers...
  • Since the morning of November 12th, 2019, over 250 rockets have been launched into Israel, injuring 39 civilians and putting 5.5 million more in harm's way. Schools were closed across the country, keeping 1 million children at home. For some, the rockets bring trauma that is new and raw. For others, the...
  • Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress In times of adversity and turmoil, stress evokes strong emotions and causes uncertainty in all of us. So what can you do to help children cope? Click on the PDF link below for a downloadable list of tips on how parents, caretakers and educators can help children cope. Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress    
  • May 2018: NATAL in Emergency Mode It's been a complex few weeks at NATAL since the rise in hostilities. Over 700 rockets were launched into civilian populations with devastating results: countless residents of southern Israel were forced to stay home from work, spending most of these days taking shelter with their families. Schools were closed, affecting...
  • Earlier this week NATAL Chair Ms. Judith Recanati and Director General Ms. Orly Gal wrote to the community in Pittsburgh Here is an excerpt from their letter Dear President Finkelstein, Mr. Orsini and everyone at the Pittsburgh Federation, "....On behalf of NATAL, please allow me to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences for the tragedy that has befallen your community. We have been following the news out of Pittsburgh this weekend… needless to say, we are shocked and...
  • Follow the link to an interview with Judith Yovel Recanati published in the Lesley College Magazine about the establishment of NATAL.  
  • 2018 is a special year for NATAL as it marks the organization's 20th year of operation since first opening its doors in 1998.  When NATAL was founded, it included only the Helpline and Clinical Unit. Since that time it has grown exponentially in response to demand, serving the entire country through a range of trauma treatment and prevention services. In recognition of NATAL's contribution to Israeli society, a special ceremony was held at the residence of the Israel President, Reuvin Rivlin...
  • 17 April 2018 Iyar 2‏‎, 5778 Innovative study provides the first real-time profile of trauma symptoms during protracted warfare An innovative study, conducted by the University of Haifa and NATAL – Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, has provided the first real-time profile of trauma symptoms experienced by citizens on the front line during protracted warfare. The study, which was conducted during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, found that people who reported having a startle...
  • Finding Healing in the Aftermath of Tragedy A Note from Parkland, Florida From NATAL Psychologist, Yotam Dagan March 2018 When crisis arises, whether due to natural or manmade disasters, NATAL professionals are often called upon to provide immediate assistance and early intervention techniques to those in the epicenter of trauma, often traveling as part of a delegation of experts with the Israeli Trauma Coalition.  In the immediate aftermath of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman...
  • Every year NATAL is proud to take on a few volunteers who decide to spend their time in Israel learning about the organization and its mission. Read about Tamar's experience below.    "This summer I had the privilege to come to Israel on an internship program and vied specifically for the chance to work at NATAL. The experience exceeded all expectation, as I gained work experience and created friendships in the heart of Tel Aviv. Throughout my internship I was encouraged to take...
  • NATAL is honored to have been selected to receive the Midot Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism award for 2017!  Midot, which works to promote effectiveness among social investors and NGOs in Israel. At the ceremony the selection committee said the following of NATAL: "The public committee for the selection of...
  • NATAL is excited to announce that this year's Running in Color event will be taking place on November 17th, 2017!! Every year NATAL is joined by thousands of people who come together in support of raising awareness of trauma due to terror and war in Israel and you are invited to join! This is only a save-the-date notification - registration will open in the fall in the months leading up to the event. So make sure to mark it in your calendars and to stay tuned for further updates! To...

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