Therapeutic running and walking groups for veteran combat soldiers with PTSD

Having just finished its third year, “Running with Rami” was created to help combat veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD, with the help of Rami Yulzari. Rami, a married father of three, is himself a combat veteran from the first Lebanon war in 1982. Living with PTSD, his common symptoms were agorophobia, nightamres, flashbacks, insomnia and different physical problems. Rami says, “When everyone came home from the First Lebanon War, I found I got home but I did not return from the war, it came home with me”

Rami spent many years undergoing various treatments and later began running, completing his first marathon in January 2011. He felt that long distance running helps to strengthen him both physically and mentally. After completing his first marathon, “Running with Rami” was established together with NATAL to encourage other combat veterans  suffering from PTSD to take up long distance running with him.

The “Running with Rami” group is accompanied by NATAL’s mental health proffessionals and recruits via NATAL’s media campaigns and other units within NATAL. Today, Running with Rami includes 50 male and female veterans with meetings taking place in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv every week.

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