Preparation Today. Resiliency Tomorrow.

NATAL’s international trainings and partnerships brings 20 years of expertise in the treatment and prevention of trauma, emergency preparedness and crisis intervention to your local community. Learn directly from NATAL’s top treatment professionals, organizational psychologists, disaster relief and management experts in order to maintain continuous functioning and sustainable resiliency before, during, and after crises. Past and current international work has involved first response organizations, municipal and national institutions, religious leaders, educational and government bodies.

All trainings and collaborations are tailored to the precise needs and demands of each individual community.

Click on the flags below to see examples of our work and trainings available in each country.

NATAL in the United States

In collaboration with the American Friends of NATAL, NATAL provides trainings to various trauma-related organizations, institutions and nonprofits working in different communities across the United States. For more information, click in the link below.

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NATAL in Deutschland

In einer von allgemeiner Unsicherheit geprägten Zeit haben Krisenmanagement und effektive Vorsorge wesentlich an Bedeutung gewonnen. Daher ist es unumgänglich, rechtzeitig über Instrumente zu verfügen, die eine funktionierende und nachhaltige Resilienz vor, während und nach Krisen sicherstellen. Wir bieten ein breites Spektrum an Trainings für Trauma, Resilienz und Krisenmanagement an. 

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NATAL en France

NATAL – Centre Israelien des Traumatismes liés au Terrorisme et à la Guerre
Bref Historique de NATAL
NATAL est une organisation apolitique à but non-lucratif offrant un modèle de soutien psychologique unique et multidisciplinaire aux victimes israéliennes de traumatismes causes par le terrorisme et les guerres.


NATAL en Francais

NATAL around the world

NATAL regularly provides on-site emotional first aid and trauma intervention following many international disasters and crises. 

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NATAL's toll-free Helpline: 1-800-363-363