NATAL's "About Feelings" Magazine

Every year around the time of Yom Hazikaron in Israel (Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror) NATAL publishes its annual “About Feelings” magazine to over a million households across the country. Each publication features a range of different articles and interviews all discussing the psychological and emotional impact of terror and war on Israeli society.

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NATAL in the news

  • First Grade in the Shadow of War: how to prepare for routine in the Israeli communities neighboring the Gaza Strip?

    Israeli children living near Gaza are accustomed to living in uncertainty. How do you prepare them for the big transition to first grade? Children who previously lived or still live under conditions of incessant security threats are particularly susceptible to worries and difficulties in transitioning from summer vacation to the school routine. Among the children living near Gaza, feelings of excitement and stress may be accompanied and intensified by worries about their own safety and the...
  • New Jersey responders benefit from Israel’s Natal training program

    MTs, firefighters, cops. They run towards car crashes, fight the largest of flames and respond to mass shootings. What happens when they can’t get the things they see and hear over and over again out of their minds? What’s going through their minds when they think about the lives they weren’t able to save? Getting around to resilience: NATAL's training for New Jersey's first responders takes center stage. We are proud to share this recent article from the New Jersey Standard...
  • Pastor brings Israeli trauma treatment program to Chicago to help gun violence victims

    A wonderful piece on NATAL's partnership in Chicago with Bright Star Community Outreach to bring its model of hope and healing to those impacted by the ongoing scourge of urban violence. The Urban Resiliency Network (TURN) is what can happen when people from around the world, with seemingly insurmountable differences, can come together to help one another. NATAL is honored to play a part in "healing the world" and to work with people like Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. and the team...
  • JUF News, May 2017

    An article with the Jewish United Fund (JUF) of Metropolitan Chicago discusses NATAL's work with the TURN Center.  Read the full article: Anti-violence activists share ways to build a safer Chicago
  • Algemeiner, June 2017

    Ido Lazan, who survived a Tel Aviv terror attack in 2016 offers words of encouragement to survivors of Virginia shooting. Read the full article  
  • Modern Healthcare Magazine, December 2016

    Following NATAL's project in Chicago with the TURN Center, Modern Healthcare Magazine did an article about the importance of NATAL's work. Read the full article: Modern Healthcare article 16.12.2016
  • Ynet News, September 2016

    Ynet News discusses NATAL's need for more government assistance to cope with the rising demand for services. Read the full article: YnetSept2016
  • Chrimson Magazine, July 2016

    The German magazine, Chrimson, publishes an article about NATAL and its work in Israel. To read the full article: chrimson - on Trauma in a Germany 07.2016
  • Jerusalem Post, July 2016

    The Jerusalem Post writes about NATAL's work with the Patton Veterans Project "I WAS THERE" film workshops for veteran soldiers.  Read the full article: healing lives with film - article from JPOST 7.8.2016
  • Jerusalem Post, November, 2015

    Orly Gal is interviewed by the Jerusalem Post about NATAL's place in Israeli society and its importance as an organization that treats the country's "invisible wounds."  To read the full article: InvisibleWounds.JerusalemPost
  • Times of Israel, Aug 2014

    NATAL CEO Orly Gal is interviewed by the Times of Israel during 2014's Operation Protective Edge about the psychological impact of the conflict. Read the full article: Times of Israel - Orly Gal, August 2014
  • Shalom Toronto, February 2009

    Shalom Toronto's article on NATAL and its various departments. Read the full article: ShalomToronto 
  • Jerusalem Post, January 2009

    The Jerusalem Post examines US veteran groups seeking treatment in Israel from NATAL.  Read the full article: JPost About NATAL US Veterans
  • American Psychological Association, 2008

    Trauma psychologists from the States learn how to treat trauma from Israeli experts. Page 3 is dedicated to NATAL.  Read the full article: Treating_War_Trauma_in_Israel v 2