With the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, NATAL transitioned into emergency mode including immediately opening a designated Helpline and offering a range of support services. NATAL’s therapeutic professionals specialize in strengthening individuals, organizations, and communities providing emotional first aid during emergencies, both immediate and in the long term. Our team is experienced in working remotely and in providing urgent interventions onsite in the field.

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NATAL’s Response

NATAL’s expertise in treating post-trauma and dealing with mental health during emergencies enables us to provide crucial services at this time:

Helpline (in Israel): NATAL’s toll-free Helpline has opened its services and increased capacity especially for calls from former immigrants from the Ukraine, both Russian and Hebrew speakers, who are deeply concerned about their families in the region. Most of the calls coming into our Helpline are connected to fear and anxiety about the war and its possible outcomes. Our focus is on providing an immediate response for families, parents and children and on offering tools and strategies for reducing stress and anxiety to a range of populations. Training for Israeli and International Helplines – NATAL is currently providing training to Helplines that are not accustomed to offering mental health assistance in real time. ​

NATAL is translating and sending written, culturally adapted therapeutic materials aimed at helping parents reduce stress, anxiety and fear in themselves and their children.

Helping the Helpers –Emotional first aid and interventions for the aid delegations and organizations on the ground at the Ukrainian borders. We are providing this mental health and emotional support, including processing emotions and strengthening resiliency, for volunteers, shlichim and medical first responders. NATAL is also providing professional training to improve and streamline first responders’ interventions in the field, including guidance on dealing with panic attacks among refugees. NATAL is also providing professional training to improve and streamline first responders’

interventions in the field, including guidance on dealing with panic attacks among refugees. 

Urgent interventions and emotional first aid– in coordination with the Jewish Agency for groups, new immigrants and organizations arriving in Israel from Ukraine. Early intention is crucial to ensure continued ability to function and to prevent distress and trauma from becoming chronic and evolving into PTSD, a debilitating condition. 

Online emotional first aid for employees of companies with offices located in Ukraine or neighboring countries. NATAL offers a series of therapeutic intervention meetings to help reduce intense feelings of panic and fear, and to provide a platform to discuss difficulties during this time while also teaching critical coping tools that can be applied immediately. 


Jacobson Relaxing Method - Ukranian

FFF - Ukranian - Пояснення стресу дітям і дорослим

Як я можу заспокоїти інших у шоці під час сирен, терору та війни- Six Cs Model, grounding questions

Jacobson Relaxing Method - English

FFF- English

Download Files

Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress- Ukranian
CAN COPE – How to calm your children in times of Stress- Ukrainian
Trauma and Coping- Ukranian
Привет,Давай дружить!- Ukrainian
Привет,Давай дружить! - Russian
Trauma and Coping- Russian
CAN COPE – How to calm your children in times of Stress- English


Надання психологічної допомоги населенню та подолання наслідків стресу, викликаного війною.

Як надати психологічну допомогу дитині у подоланні стресової ситуації, спричиненої падінням

וובינר - עיבוד ככלי למניעת טראומטיזציה משנית בקרב מטפלים

וובינר עזרה ראשונה נפשית במצבי מלחמה ואסון


Coping with crisis for families in Ukranian - для допомоги сім'ям у подоланні кризових ситуацій

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From The Field:

“I am falling apart because there were people who managed to escape and I blame myself that I wasn’t able to get my mother out of Ukraine. I now realize that she is in real danger.”
Sophie Harif
until recently a social worker at NATAL’s Helpline

"I was rescued from Ukraine with my children, and I have support from my company, but my husband had to stay behind, and I don't know what the future holds for my family and whether we will ever be able to return home."

Helping a Ukrainian refugee
emotional first aid for companies with Ukrainian employees
"How important it was to receive from you recommendations on how to help children during the war. You, like no one else, know how important it is to protect children and the future of nations!"
A message from a children's helpline in Ukraine