With it’s main center and headquarters in Tel Aviv, NATAL is apolitical and offers a range of unique core services across the country to all Israeli citizens regardless of religion, color, ethnic background, gender, age or sexual orientation.

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NATAL's Helpline

Provides crisis intervention and long-term care to thousands of Israeli adults and children every year. The only one of its kind in Israel, it serves as NATAL’s point of intake, and refers callers to the Clinical Unit or other professional organizations as may be needed.

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Clinical Unit

The Clinical Unit provides one-to-one and group clinical treatment for adults and children. With 150 therapists located throughout the country, care is provided at the NATAL Center in Tel Aviv or in hometowns of families unable to travel. NATAL’s approach combines different facets of emotional support and psychological care that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient and situation

Photo Credit: Moshe Shay

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Community Outreach

Community Outreach provides a range of special programming throughout Israel to equip the population with skills to remain resilient in the face of ongoing threats, and to help in the intervention of, and recovery from national emergency situations.

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Mobile Unit

The Mobile Unit provides in-home treatment to people and families who due to the severity of their trauma symptoms feel unable to leave their homes. The Mobile Unit works from within the Community Outreach and operates in some of the hardest hit areas of the country.

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Social Therapeutic Club

The Social Therapeutic Club provides an emotionally safe environment for individuals wwith trauma that is both severe and chronic. The club provides alternative and holistic pathways to healing and symptom management through activities such as cooking, arts, photography, computer classes, yoga, and ceramics. The Club offers individuals with chronic PTSD a safe place in which they can feel at home.

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Testimonial Center

NATAL’s Testimonial Center operates under the umbrella of the Clinical Unit, and offers veterans the opportunity to document on film their traumatic experiences, under the supervision of a mental health professional.

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Research and Evaluation

Led by Professor Marc Gelkopf, NATAL’s  in-house Research and Evaluation Unit gathers information and provides research and assessment services to all of NATAL’s departments.

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Trauma Advocacy and Public Relations

The Trauma Advocacy and Public Relations unit aims to raise the awareness of trauma due to terror and war in Israeli society and to destigmatize seeking psychological assistance. With multiple campaigns and events each year, thousands of people of all ages are exposed to the work and mission of NATAL.

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NATAL's toll-free Helpline: 1-800-363-363