Providing in-home treatment to severely traumatized children and their families living in Israel’s hardest hit regions.

Children taking cover from rocket fire in the south

Adopt a Family is coordinated through the Community Outreach and Mobile Unit to bring clinical treatment to Israel children and families who suffer from acute trauma as a result of the conflict. Many of these families are located in cities and communities along Israel’s border with Gaza, an area that for the past 15 years has been exposed to ongoing rocket-fire and multiple military operations.  In 2011 NATAL conducted research that found that more than 70% of children in this area suffer from at least one symptom of psychological trauma. Now, 6 years and 3 conflicts later, that number is estimated to be much higher. Many of these children experience regressive behaviors such as bedwetting, night terrors, intense separation anxiety, refusal to leave the home, depression, hypervigilance, outbursts of rage and difficulties concentrating in school. 

Over a series of meetings with NATAL psychologists, children and parents are treated both separately and apart using a tailored treatment plan in order to best help them recover and reclaim their lives. The Mobile Unit will provide this treatment in the homes of families (for those who are afraid to leave) while clinics local to each community provide treatment in a more conventional therapeutic setting. 

NATAL currently has hundreds of children in treatment. As Israel’s most vulnerable demographic and representing the country’s future leaders, workforce and families, NATAL believes it is its moral and social responsibility to provide them with the necessary treatment in the journey back from trauma.