The Israeli anomaly of “routine-emergency” and how NATAL helps a nation cope

NATAL holds an outdoor trauma resiliency workshop

The reality of life in Israel is one of an ever-changing security situation. Countless wars and terror attacks across the nation, in addition to rocket fires over southern communities, the Israeli anomoly is one of “routine-emergency” in which the entire population is psychologically expecting a crisis or emergency at any moment. As a result, Israelis suffer from enormous levels of anxiety and post-trauma symptoms which left unaddressed can ultimately manifest in a severe disorder.

NATAL’s Community Outreach Unit provides a range of special programming before emergencies take place in order to help Israeli society remain strong and resilient in the face of ongoing trauma exposure. Our programs are diverse and offered across the country in all of Israel’s varied populations and demographics to help people of all ages and backgrounds develop stress management and coping techniques. This includes how to identify trauma symptoms, relaxation exercises and community support systems.

You can read about some of this specific programming on the Community Outreach Unit.