Ifat Yeger

Ifat is a psychotherapist who works with expressive and creative modules and specializes in bibliotherapy. She holds an MA in Emergency and Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University and for many years has been guiding workshops in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and coping with stress and crisis, loss and trauma.

Judy Gonen

Judy Gonen is a senior art therapist who holds an MA in Expressive and Art Therapies with extensive experience in treating head injuries, brain injuries and psychological trauma. She founded the art therapy unit at the Levinstein Hospital and treats groups within NATAL's Communit Outreach Unit, as well as facilitates trainings for art therapists, therapists in crisis situations, family and individual therapy.  

Gili Gottfried

Gili is a group facilitator who holds an MA in Group Psychotherapy and specializes in the fields of stress, resilience, volunteerism, elderly populations and intergenerational communication.

Yehudit Bar-Hai

Judith Bar Hai lives in Sderot and is an organizational consultant and group facilitator with an MA in Early Childhood Studies and a BA in Special Education. She has over 20 yeras of experience working with organizations and individuals on the issues of change, crisis and trauma with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity. 

Dalia Borgena

Dalia is a graduate of NATAL's trauma-focused psychotherapy course and has an MA in Social Work as well as a BA in Social Work and Social Sciences. She is a group facilitator and certified trainer within the individual, marital, group and organizational fields. Dalia is experienced in developing educational, social and community programs with an emphasis on parenting, family and employment. She specializes in working with immigrant populations with years of experience in absorption,...

Rina Buberuglu

Rina is a senior art therapist and group facilitator who holds an MA in expressive and creative therapies. She lectures at the Kibbutzim College and is an art therapist within NATAL's Community Outreach Unit.

Varda Ushpiz

Varda is a social psychologist and organizational consultant who in the past taught and conducted research at Bar Ilan University. Her wok focuses on group leadership and team development, leadership and coping strageties in crisis situations for the Israel Police, Israel Prison System as well as public organizations and private businesses. Varda works with NATAL in coping with emergencies and trauma.

Alexander (Sasha) Ostrobrod

Alexander is a group facilitator and counselor in psychotherapy with a PHD in social Psychology. He is a certified psychotherapist and graduate of the Integrative Psychotherapy School at Ben Gurion University.  He has worked for many years at the mental health clinic at Barzilai Medical Center and is responsible for the mental health emergency team of the Na'alah program (a Jewish Agency service that helps teens make Aliyah without their parents), in addition to running his own private...

Rekefet Ginsburg

Rekefet Ginsburg is NATAL's Deputy Director of the Community Outreach Unit and has a BA in Social Work (MSW) from Tel Aviv University. Rekefet is a group facilitator and has spent 20 years developing programs and services in communities and social organizations. She established and managed the IDF social services and served as a community representative of the Jewish Agency in the USA. Her last position was Director of Community Development and Deputy Director General of the Masorti Movement...