NATAL’s emergency preparedness and crisis leadership program for senior executives and municipalities

Recent disasters and crises in major cities worldwide have challenged local and central governments, law enforcement and communities in managing the extreme crisis situations that evolve in the aftermath. Effective management of such situations necessitates the acquisition of knowledge, preparedness and training, as well as leadership that facilitates the return to routine from a state of turmoil and enhances the recovery of communities. This program is designed and crafted to provide leaders and key figures in governments, municipalities, and first response organizations with instant, hands-on knowledge and best practices. 

The psychological impact of crisis scenarios:

The value we add to crisis management is by focusing on the softer, yet critically important psychological aspects of crisis situations, how they affect individuals, organizations and communities and how to lead the right way in this context. The psychological trauma that often follows crises represents a very real threat to the continued healthy functioning of individuals, businesses, and collective communities alike. As such, NATAL’s team provides the necessary expertise and conceptualization in order to enhance emergency preparedness and build the infrastructure to lead and succeed, should adversities take place. With 20 years of in-the-field experience of emergency management and preparation, NATAL’s team includes seasoned professionals with real world expertise.

Main topics:

  • What are we preparing for? Understanding the differing scenarios, and why the population’s mental health is crucial.
  • Traumatic stress reactions on the community and population level – how to ensure continuity of functioning and service providing.
  • Resilience: How to bounce back to normal life after a disaster hits.
  • Leadership in crisis, communications, and how to be proactive with the media.
  • Participants will formulate a basis for a preparedness plan for their organizations.

To bring this special program to your community, please contact Ifat Morad, Director of International Relations at