Preparation today. Resiliency tomorrow.

While NATAL’s work began in Israel, our mission resonates worldwide. In recent years NATAL has been called upon to export its deep expertise internationally to at-risk communities and populations and has undertaken groundbreaking collaborations to assist American veterans dealing with PTSD as well as a partnership with inner-city Chicago faith leaders to assist in dealing with the trauma of urban violence.

Our trainings bring 20 years of trauma treatment, resiliency building, emergency preparedness and crisis intervention to your local community, respecting the individual needs and circustances of all.

For more information on NATAL’s work in the Unites States, please contact the American Friends of NATAL:

Crisis leadership and emergency preparedness

Providing skills and tools in the leadership and management of emergencies and crises before, during, and after they occur.

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Helping the Helpers

Trauma resiliency training for first response organizations, social workers, humanitarian aid and disaster relief professionals.

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US partnerships and collaborations

Read about NATAL’s partnerships with various organizations around the world and our international work

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NATAL's toll-free Helpline: 1-800-363-363