After an emergency has ended people start the difficult and often confusingtransition back to routine. It is at this point that for many people the battle truly begins. All of NATAL’s units however most especially the Helpline, Clinical Unit, Community Outreach and Public Outreach, help the entire population recover and return to a relative normal after a period of intense nationwide anxiety and pain. The impact of national emergencies normally involves:

  • A rise in individuals receiving treatment in the Clinical Unit – particularly children.
  • Greater numbers of callers on the Helpline.
  • Increased demand on the Mobile Unit to treat people experiencing acute trauma reactions.
  • Increased demand on trauma intervention workshops with Community Outreach in the areas and regions directly exposed to the conflict.
  • Increased public awareness campaigns to help people in need find the appropriate support. 
  • A sudden spike in NATAL’s operational budget and fundraising needs due to the overall increased demand on services.