Join NATAL’s annual “Running in Color” event to raise awareness of trauma in Israel due to terror and war!

Now in its 7th consecutive year, Running in Color is NATAL’s largest annual event to raise awareness of trauma in Israeli society due to terror and war. Throughout the run participating runners are covered with a variety of powdered paints which act as a metaphor for making visible the “invisible wound.” This event takes place in Tel Aviv’s Gan Yehoshua every fall normally attracting over 6,000 participants and is attended by combat soldiers, veterans, families, and the general public. Suitable for the entire family, runners can choose between distances of 1.5km or 5km making it accessible to all people, after which a 300m short distance run is held for children. Food stalls and various entertainment activities are set up in the grounds of the run, alongside a booth where people can learn more about NATAL’s activities. All proceeds of the day go towards funding NATAL’s direct programming and services for victims of terror and war in Israel.

Running in Color 2019 will be held on November 15th. If you would like to register please follow the link below:

Running in Color Registration