Leading the way in trauma advocacy and awareness in Israel

NATAL’s Trauma Advocacy and Public Relations department promotes the awareness of trauma due to terror and war in order to destigmatize seeking psychological assistance and to keep the issue on the national public agenda. The unit creates and broadcasts multiple publicity campaigns for television, radio, internet, print and events effectively reaching hundreds of thousands of people every year. National media campaigns take place annually around some of Israel’s most solemn days including Yom Kippur and Yom Hazikaron in addition to the production of all annual events including Running in Color and the Women’s Event

Many recently released veterans do not understand the connection between sudden trauma symtpoms and their military experience. Multiple events are therefore held in universities and colleges across the country to help raise their awareness of trauma and offer them NATAL’s help. Famous Israeli war correspondent, Itai Anghel regularly headlines these campus events in which he speaks to hundreds of students about his own story of PTSD and treatment through NATAL.