Helpline Number: 1-800-363-363

Our innovative and toll-free Helpline acts as NATAL’s “front line” in society, providing short and long-term support to thousands of Israeli adults and children every year. 

The only one of its kind in Israel, NATAL’s toll-free Helpline provides over the phone psychological and emotional support to thousands of Israelis who suffer from trauma symptoms due to terror and war. Available to adults and children alike, callers are eligible to receive either short or long-term support based on individual need. Trained volunteers are assigned to callers with whom they continue to speak on a weekly basis for 20 minutes at an agreed upon time and day. Callers who require more comprehensive treatment are referred to NATAL’s Clinical Unit. There is no restriction on how long a person may continue to recieve support via the Helpline. Volunteers undergo an intense 6-month trauma training and recieve constant supervision and guidance from a senior member of NATAL’s professional team.

Helpline operation during routine and emergency:

During routine, the Helpline operates Sunday to Thursday from 8am – 10pm and Fridays from 8am – 3pm. During national emergencies, which include declared military engagement, terror attacks, or other imminent security threats, the Helpline operates 24/7 with the recruitment of additional volunteers. During such times the number is continually broadcasted on all major news channels, radio stations and social media outlets. 

NATAL is a proud member of CHI – Child Helpline International