Dr. Itamar Barnea
  Dr. Itamar Barnea is a clinical psychologist and a certified supervisor in psychotherapy. He received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Denver and continued his studies at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland and the Jung institute in Israel. During his military service in the Yom Kippur War, as a combat pilot, he was a POW in Syria. Previously he served as the Head of Psychology & Psychiatry in the Israeli Air Force and as head of the Casualties Department...
Dr. Hanna Himmi
Dr. Hanna Himmi is the Director of the Clinical Unit, a clinical social worker, psychotherapist and criminologist. She is a senior lecturer at the Beit Berl Academy College and a recognized social worker in the field of mental health with the Association for the Advancement of Social Work.  Dr. Himmi has a certified instructor's certificate from the Ministry of Education for working with youth at risk. She primarily focuses on crises, distress and trauma and has published articles and studies...
Hagit Buchbinder
Hagit is the Director of the Social Therapeutic Club and came to NATAL after 20 years of service in the IDF where she held various officer positions. Her last position in the IDF was the Head of Service Conditions for career officers in the air force.  Hagit was previously trained as a building engineer and holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science. She has vast experience in managing organizations dealing with individual welfare and logistical systems.
Yehudit Dor
Yehudit Dor is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist who manages NATAL's Testimonial Center.
Iris Eliraz
Clinical social worker and psychotherapist
Dr. Sabina Zak
Senior psychiatrist and physician at the Beer Yaakov Hospital in affiliation with the Medical School of Tel Aviv University
Juliet Mandelzweig
Juliet is a certified Gestalt therapist, specializing in Body Process. She is certified in Trauma Touch Therapy from the Colorado School of Healing Arts and is one of the founders of Safe Touch for Trauma Therapy in Israel.