Irit manages the Clinical Unit at NATAL, which provides mental health treatments to over 1500 patients, through 350 therapists nationwide. The Clinic mainly serves military veterans and reserves, as well as civilians who have experienced trauma due to war or terror.


Irit has an MSW degree in Social Work from Haifa University, with a specialization in rehabilitation and health. She also graduated from a three-year psychotherapy program for child and adolescent treatment and specializes in trauma treatment using the EMDR method. She has also specialized in the treatment of sexual abuse survivors and sexual abusers under the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs and the Elem Association.


Prior to NATAL, Irit managed a nationwide treatment program for youth at risk at the Elem Association, an association for the treatment of youth and young people at risk. She specialized in a variety of intervention practices adapted for treatment and psychological assistance in situations of risk, stress and trauma.


Irit also serves as a clinical supervisor for Tel Hai College students of social work and social workers and has a lot of experience in supervising and training professionals to provide therapy to youth and young people at risk.