Yotam Dagan in the Director of International Programming at NATAL, prior to which he was the Director of Community Outreach. He is a former Israel Navy Seal Commander, a clinical psychologist and a hostage negotiator. Upon completion of his military tenure, Yotam initiated and started nonprofit sector programs helping soldiers reintegrate into civil society, and a leadership program, aimed at assisting special forces veterans, the “cream of the crop” to take the lead in Israel’s public sector.  Yotam is also a board member of POPPA – an NPO that provides peer assistance to police officers in the NYPD. Yotam holds a BA in psychology and general studies and a MA in clinical psychology from the University of Haifa and a MA in public administration from the JFK school of Government, Harvard University.

To contact Yotam directly, please email yotamd@natal.org.il