In 2016, NATAL decided to establish a Public Advisory Board with the specific function of advising and accompanying NATAL as it expands its place and role in Israel society. Initiatives of the board include using various media outlets to reduce the social stigma of PTSD and to promote its awareness, while simultaneously initiating and providing influence over govermental decisions and fundraising. 

Judith Yovel Recanati, NATAL’s Chairperson and Founder, states: “Since its founding NATAL has worked to promote awaremenss of post-trauma. Establishing a public advisory board is a significant milestone that will not only promote NATAL’s activites, but also the overall understanding of psychological trauma due to terror and war as an inspearable aspect of Israeli society and life. We believe that this will offer a solid foundation of legitimacy for victims and their families and will act to support and recognise that even an “invisible wound” is still a wound like any other.”

Members of the board include:

  • Professor Rivka Carmi – Head of Public Advisory Board
  • Yaakov Asher – Rabbi and Knesset Member
  • Keren Bielski – CEO of BSP Funds
  • Dr. Yossi Bachar – Current Chairman of Haifa Group, former Chairman of the Board of Israel Discount Bank
  • Meherta Baruch-Ron – Manager of the Municipal Food Policy Program, former Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Rami Beracha – High-tech investor
  • Adina Bar-Shalom – Educator, Israel Prize Laureate for lifetime achievement and special contribution to Israeli society.
  • Arik Zeevi – Lawyer, investor, dan 6 black belt in Judo, and Olympic medalist
  • Amram Mitzna – Former General in the IDF, former Chairperson of the Labor Party, former mayor of the cities of Haifa and Yeruham
  • Yehudit Ravitz – Singer-songwriter, composer and music producer
  • Professor Joshua (Shuki) Shemer – Chairman, Assuta Medical Networks & Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital
  • Shlomi Yihiav – Chairperson of Israel National Students Union
  • Shabtai Shavit – Former Director General of the Mossad
  • Shaul Yahalom – Former Minister and Knesset member
  • Amit Ribek – Chairperson of Israel National Students Union
  • Ofra Kayam, Adv – Lawyer at private law firm
  • Yossi Mendelson, Adv – Lecturer at Tel Aviv University and IDC
  • Brig-Gen (res) Yehudit Grisaro – Deputy Director of El Al Airlines
  • Brig-Gen Nachman Shai – Former Knesset Member
  • Col (res) Dr. Eran Lerman – Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security; lecturer at Shalem Academy
  • Ellen Gil – Executive Director of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) worldwide, professor emeritus
  • Brig-Gen (res) Avraham Esha’el
  • Col (res) Kobi Hiyon
  • Eitan Shmueli, Adv – Partner at Lipa Meir & Co