May 2018: NATAL in Emergency Mode

Rockets being intercepted over Israel. Photo credit: Haaretz

It’s been a complex few weeks at NATAL since the rise in hostilities. Over 700 rockets were launched into civilian populations with devastating results: countless residents of southern Israel were forced to stay home from work, spending most of these days taking shelter with their families. Schools were closed, affecting hundreds of thousands of children. Hundreds of civilians were wounded in body and mind, and four lives were lost.

Working 24/7 in emergency mode, NATAL’s Helpline received hundreds of calls in the first 48 hours of the rise in hostilities – 400% more than the normal volume of calls. Many callers were parents of young children, others were reserve duty soldiers who had already completed treatment with NATAL and suffered a relapse of symptoms by being called to join the front.

We are so thankful to the dozens of volunteers who worked tirelessly to provide support to those in their hour of need. The Mobile Unit likewise provided treatment to families in their homes in the communities under fire.

During every emergency period NATAL is active in all major media outlets (TV, radio, social media, news media) in order to reach civilians in need of our support. Below are a few links of articles and interviews that took place during this difficult period in May 2018.

Articles in English:

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