This year’s Annual Women’s Event took place on the 4th of February, focusing on a panel of four women who live and work in the southern regions of Israel, unfortunately an area greatly affected by ongoing conflict. The panel included women working in the fields of mental health and education where who shared their personal stories on the reality of life in the south, and their need to remain optimistic and strong in order to overcome the many struggles they face. The panel included ▪ Adi Lagaziel-Shay, who shared her story of overcoming trauma with laughter and humor. She is a resident of Nir Oz. ▪ Judith Bar-Hai, Psychotherapist and a resident of Sderot. ▪ Imshi Elmkase, a high school student and a public opinion leader. A resident of Kerem Shalom. ▪ Suisa Plenum, who works in informal education, and a personal trainer. She is a resident of Sderot. The event was moderated by Gal Gabay – an Israeli journalist, director and presenter on radio and TV. Israeli singer, Raz Shmuel performed several of her beautiful songs.