First responders are heroes to all of us! Standing in the forefront, saving lives, countless and never ending days of dedication and hard work. We at NATAL, are proud to Help the Helpers and to provide them with much needed psychological support to combat burnout and exhaustion, secondary traumatization and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This year, NATAL took part in the IPRED International Conference on Preparedness & Response to Emergencies & Disasters (IPRED) to hear and learn from international professionals in the field of emergency preparedness and response and to present at a dedicated session: “From Trauma to Resilience: NATAL’s comprehensive working model in a stress-ridden country”. The session included the below presentations: 1. NATAL’s Helpline crisis intervention model: from routine to emergency and back to routine 2. When preparation for emergency and post-traumatic stress co-exist: NATAL’s Mobile Unit- a model for short-term, immediate and nimble therapeutic intervention under Continuous Traumatic Stress (CTS)- for which we are proud to have gotten the award for Best Abstract Presentation at IPRED. 3. Clinical work with children continuously exposed to missile attacks: the special case of Netivot 4. Resilience and Trauma in the face of Global Warming and Climate crisis.

What an inspiring and amazing conference!