The #Covid19 pandemic has been spreading across the world and has a significant impact on our personal and professional lives. This pandemic summons the most primal human fears such as dying, loss of loved ones, isolation, loneliness, loss of control, and fear of the unknown.

COVID-19 evokes complex and unique challenges for
helplines, some familiar and some new. Today, most crisis helplines are stretched beyond their capacity due to surges in calls and limited manpower. Helplines must adapt and remain flexible to meet unprecedented demand while still maintaining quality services.

NATAL has had the privilege in recent years to share knowledge with professionals, agencies, and organizations across the globe that share a vision of resilient professional helplines. We are a proud member of Victim Support Europe (VSE) the leading European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of all victims of crime.

Due to high demand in professional knowledge exchange, NATAL’s professionals took part in several roundtables and webinars including presentations by NATAL’s experts Dr. Sigal Haimov, Director of Professional Programs and Models, and Idit Michael, Head of NATAL’s International Team. Dr. Sigal Haimov led a webinar with Helplines across the world titled “International Online Roundtable for Helplines during COVID-19” with the aim to share knowledge and best practices on how to utilize helplines during the pandemic.

We are thankful for such wonderful partnerships and look forward to many more fruitful exchanges! 🌍