NATAL has carried out various live video webinars for different populations and sectors who are dealing with emotional and psychological stress due to the Coronavirus. The webinars are an instrumental way to share guidelines and crucial tips to help the public remain calm and informed on best practices.

Webinars are led by members of NATAL’s Community Resilience Team who are experts in the field of emergency response, resilience, trauma, and dealing with stress. One webinar, entitled Parents: Stress, COVID-19 and Everything in Between, shared tools and coping strategies addressing stress, anxiety, and transitioning to Social Distancing for parents and caregivers with children at home.

NATAL has also been sharing knowledge and tips with our friends abroad. Dr. Sigal Haimov from NATAL’s Clinical Unit is an expert in helpline interventions and shared best practices for helpline volunteers aiding those suffering from anxiety and stress due to the Coronavirus in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, Dr. Haimov guided a variety of victim support professionals from Canada, United States of America, Europe, and Australia on how to aid their patients and clients, who struggle with past traumas, during this uncertain and fearful time. 

Gave live video webinars to:
  • Parents and educators, throughout Israel
  • TURN Center, Chicago, Illinois
  • INVICTIM, North America, Europe, and Australia 
  • Rabbinical Assembly, United States
  • SHIFT, Chicago, Illinois
  • SWIM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin