Dear Friends,


With the COVID-19 pandemic a global reality, this Peach brings new challenges to communities across the globe.   For many this year, family Seder tables are replaced by computers, and the joy of the holiday is overshadowed by anxiety, isolation and uncertainty.


NATAL’s dedicated team of staff, clinicians and volunteers continue to work in Emergency Mode, finding innovative ways to bring support to those most in need, despite the call to remain physically distant.


NATAL’s Helpline 


6,000+ COVID related calls in recent days


60% of callers ages 60+


Special Helpline opened for Orthodox communities


More and more young people calling


NATAL’s Clinical Unit


130 therapists remotely treating 520 patients


40% will receiving treatment 2 x week

Community Resilience Team 


Delivering webinars internationally for:

  • Parents (including those caring for children with special needs)
  • Educators
  • Grassroots organizations
  • Medical Staff focused on casualty notification
  • Rabbinic Groups

Public Advocacy 

NATAL’s Helpline on 3 major TV networks in Israel


Articles & interviews across media platforms



Special website with COVID specific resources

NATAL is working at increased capacity, continuing to serve clients suffering from national trauma in addition to new COVID-19 clients.


Parallel to working in emergency mode,  NATAL is preparing for the return to “normal”, recognizing that many will experience difficulties and will need emotional support.