2018 is a special year for NATAL as it marks the organization’s 20th year of operation since first opening its doors in 1998. 

When NATAL was founded, it included only the Helpline and Clinical Unit. Since that time it has grown exponentially in response to demand, serving the entire country through a range of trauma treatment and prevention services. In recognition of NATAL’s contribution to Israeli society, a special ceremony was held at the residence of the Israel President, Reuvin Rivlin in March 2018, where he and his wife, Nechama, presented a plaque to NATAL Founder and Chairperson, Judith Yovel Recanati, and NATAL Executive Director, Orly Gal.  

The ceremony began with a song performance by Gilad Vital, a veteran of the IDF’s Golani Brigade who was helped by NATAL with the trauma he suffered following the Second Lebanon War. Gilad is featured on the front cover of NATAL’s 2017 annual report. In addition to a speech given by Judith Yovel Recanati, former IDF Chief of Staff Lt-Gen (res) Benny Gantz also spoke, commending NATAL on its invaluable contribution to Israeli society in fighting a wound that cannot be seen. 

A large group from NATAL including professional and administrative staff as well as volunteered were present at the Residence of the President for what was truly a remarkable occasion.