NATAL is honored to have been selected to receive the Midot Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism award for 2017! 

NATAL’s Executive Director, Orly Gal, standing with other NATAL staff upon accepting the award.

Midot, which works to promote effectiveness among social investors and NGOs in Israel. At the ceremony the selection committee said the following of NATAL:

“The public committee for the selection of winners was deeply impressed by your work in the treatment of trauma victims due to terror and war and their families, the increased awareness and public knowledge of the issue and the strengthening of the resilience of Israeli society. The committee was tremendously impressed by the reach of the organization, which includes approximately 250,000 people, its entry into a new field and having a significant impact on it, and its success in producing a range of self-generating incomes. It’s exceptional investment in infrastructure and the process of drawing lessons from the dedicated research and evaluation unit expresses a deep commitment to the continuous improvement of the organization’s programs and activities.”

– Midot Awards Committee

NATAL is measured in its ability to support and assist victims of terror and war and their families, every day. We are happy and honored that NATAL received this recognition in the appreciation of its work as an essential and necessary body within reality of life in Israel.