As we approach Thanksgiving, NATAL would like to share what we are especially thankful for – YOU!

On Friday we held our 7th annual “Running in Color” event including over 5,000 participants! It would not have been possible without all of your support and contributions.
We would like to thank all those who ran, participated, and embraced this colorful event as we raised awareness for terror and war-related trauma in Israel. We would like to share our gratitude for the hundreds of volunteers and those who worked tirelessly to make this event so memorable.
We spread color and joy, we raised funds to continue the important therapeutic work NATAL provides and most importantly, we raised awareness to the unseen scars of trauma.

Also, a special THANK YOU to our American friends who supported us this past week. Through your donations, “likes” and “shares”, and delegations sent – we definitely felt your presence at our event!