Maintain routine:

Daily routine helps maintain a sense of security and stability. Maintain regular sleep, waking, studying and leisure time. When the whole family is quarantined you can set specific times for familial rituals such as meals and joint activities. Give each family member a role and share household chores.

Stay informed:

Information helps to enhance our sense of control. Stay up to date with the latest updates from the local ministries/agencies responsible for public health. Share the information with your children, in an age appropriate manner. Limit exposure to media content that can cause more anxiety and stress.

Be socially active:

Social interactions strengthen and encourage us. Make sure to stay in touch (via phone and internet) with your family and friends. It is important that you are also in touch with your neighbors and friends, who are quarantined, to make sure they get help and support as needed.

Find relief and relaxation:

Relaxation tools, deep breaths, physical activity and games can help keep you distracted. Activity, creativity and fun mitigate worries, fear and anxiety. You are welcome to find ideas for activities on NATAL’s Safe Place website : (working on the content for a mini site in English)

Stay hopeful:

Remember that even hard times are temporary. The spread of the virus will lessen, the quarantine will end and you will go back to your daily life, to do the things you love, and maybe even some new things 🙂

Link to Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress


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